Acid Project

We are in the process of an acidification trial throughout the ponds. Currently the acid trial project is in progress, researching the long-term volumes of acid required to retain pH in the ponds in the region of 7.5-7.8. We are also assessing the effects of different pH levels on fish health and growth rates.

Ponded Pasture

Pond Three will integrate a new technique in wetland management. While the wetlands are an integral part of our pond system, they can at times be difficult to keep in balance with good water flow throughout the pond. We are hoping to grow the ponded pasture in floating rings, rather than on islands, allowing easy access for harvesting. We are currently in the engineering, developing and construction phase of this trial.

pond 3

Golden Perch

Golden Perch is an extremely popular and well-known fish that has unfortunately proved to be very difficult to farm. This will be a long-term project looking at breeding techniques and into the domestication of Golden Perch. We are currently in stage one, applying selection pressure to broad base wild genetics.