Our History

Quite simply, the farm would not exist today without the vision, innovation and determination of Rob Bartley. For over 15 years, Rob and his wife Tamara were hands on owner-managers of the farm and ensured that the farm had all of the mechanisms in place for it to reach it’s potential. Plans to develop the farm first started in 1999, when family owned Sundale Enterprises (currently grain and cotton farmers in Queensland) purchased a bare property in Chinchilla. Rob Bartley was a farmer who had been employed by the family business for 22 years. Rob has been involved in aquaculture since 1997 and was a member of the Aquacultural Engineers Society, President of the Aquaculture Association of Queensland Inc., and President of Queensland Aquaculture Industry Federation. 
Construction of the first 3.3 hectare production pond began in August 2001. Within two years, a 0.6 ha pond was dedicated to research and development to allow the trial of a number of construction techniques and systems before larger scale operations were started. A second production pond of 5.5 hectares was started in November 2005 and its construction saw a huge lift in production capacity, with all ponds now producing fish. Nursery, quarantine and purging areas were all constructed and the now farm’s largest pond (Pond 3) is fully operational. The farm has a license for another 41ha of ponds. The farm was officially sold to Burradoo Enterprises in May 2019 and we look forward to many more successful years of producing sustainable, high quality products.

Rob Bartley and a staff member getting hands on around a decade ago.

We Farm Fish Differently


You will not find another aquaculture farming system like ours in Australia. With a perfect mix of artisanal ideals and adoption of appropriate technologies, our fish are grown in the most sustainable and ethical manner. Our exceptionally large ponds house embedded fixed raceways where our fish exist. The other 95% of the ponds are devoted to mother nature. This synergy allows for any waste produced by our fish to be assimilated within the dynamic ecosystem of the pond, which eliminates the requirement for any type of discharge from the farm back into the surrounding environment. We are comfortable to say that our farm is the most sustainable aquaculture enterprise in the country.

Heavily oxygenated water coming from the pond ecosystem gets constantly pushed through our production areas.